BI and Insights


Our Business Intelligence solutions build upon powerful Microsoft technologies like PowerBI, SharePoint and Microsoft Excel, delivering BI solutions for organisations of all sizes that need insights into their data but find it hard to consolidate disparate data sources and applications to give a full picture of business or customer activity.

We can help your organisation leverage your existing Office365 investment to take full advantage of Microsoft BI capabilities. Providing you with the right information at the right time to make better informed decisions.

With a BI Solution, you can:

  • Monitor

Monitor business activity through self-serve dashboards and reporting tools.

  • Analyse

Quickly analyse what is driving variances against anticipated or planned outcomes.

  • Plan

Adjust your corporate plan or budget to meet changing business conditions.

  • Forecast

Explore with 'what-if' type questions before making important business strategic decisions.




We can help you with...

We can help you define a Business Intelligence and Reporting strategy and implement self-serve BI tools that you and your users can use to easily find and visualise key information to help them make better informed decisions.

  • BI Strategy and Planning

We can help you plan your organisations BI Strategy.

  • BI Solution Design and Development

We can design and develop BI Portals, Dashboards and Self-service Tools that integrates with you organisations intranet. These tools can provide you with a snapshot of business performance and activity through Charts, Graphs and Indicators with the ability to drill down into the data stack to perform detailed analysis.

  • Data Warehousing Solutions

We can help your organisation consolidate your disparate data sources by implementing a high performance cloud based Microsoft Data Warehouse solution. Reporting across the breadth of your data in real time becomes a reality.


What does it do?

Built on the highly secure, scalable Microsoft BI platform, our solutions deliver formal centralized and managed performance management tools and processes in the familiar, easy-to-use Microsoft Office365 environment. A key component of the Microsoft BI offering, PowerBI can help you align organizational performance with individual and team goals and objectives.


Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyse data and share insights. Power BI dashboards provide a 360-degree view for business users with their most important metrics in one place, updated in real time, and available on all of their devices. With one click, users can explore the data behind their dashboard using intuitive tools that make finding answers easy.

With Microsoft PowerBI, you can:

  • Visualise

Quickly and easily pull data into Charts, Graphs and Indicators.

  • Connect

Connect to a variety of data sources including Excel, SharePoint, SQL Server.

  • Consolidate

Consolidate disparate data to enable a clear view accross multiple data sources.

  • Integration

Integrate with other business applications such as CRM, Financial or other Back-end systems.

  • Publish

Easily publish self-serve interactive dashboards and tools to users.



Power BI Office 365, SharePoint and Dynamics 365

Office365 is an integral component of our Business Intelligence Solutions, integrating seamlessly with tools that are familiar and easy to use.

With SharePoint, you can benefit from a fully integrated enterprise portal designed to improve communication and collaboration among individuals, teams, and your entire organization.

When you use SharePoint as the central delivery point for all business intelligence (BI) data, you also have access to a wealth of other capabilities, such as enterprise search, content management, communication, and collaboration.

With SharePoint, you can centrally deploy and manage all your business information and applications through a Web environment that ensures a central place where people can find and access the information they need.

SharePoint introduces Excel Services, which provides access to PowerQuery and PowerPivot to enable your users to perform seamingly complex reporting operations with ease.


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